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The Game

What the game is about

Recress is a quite simple multiplayer game on one screen for up to 6 players. Once you've started, a question like "find a city that begins with F" is displayed. Now start to think about it and if you know an answer hit your buzzer as fast as you can! The category and the character that will be asked are randomly chosen every time you start the next Question.
There are several categories combined in different lists. Choose one of them and start. You wanna make your own list with your own categories? Create an account and use the editor tool.


Recress doesn't have any game-specific rules. The game registers the player that pressed his button first for every question. After that it's up to the players to check whether the given answer was right or not and everything else.
Nevertheless there are some "classic" rules for the game:

Casual Game

Every Player starts with 0 points.
Every time a player hits his buzzer one of these cases happends:
- player says a correct answer -> he gets +1 point
- player says an incorrect answer/says nothing/
says an answer that was already given earlier -> he gets -2 points

If one player reaches 7 points he wins the round. Every game has 11(short) or 21(long) rounds.
The player that wins the most rounds is the winner of the game.

Special Rules for correct answers:
If you have to find a person it doesn't matter wether the first name or last name has the required initial.
Articles are only allowed if they are part of the official name of your answer > "The Netherlands", "A Neverending story".


If a player hits the buzzer he has to say a correct answer. Then (clockwise) every other player has to say a correct answer as well until a player can't give one. This player gets -1 point. If a player reaches -4 points he's dropped out from the round.
The last player that remains wins the current round.